The Dead and Buried exhibition at Centrespace showcased the creative responses by the young participants. The exhibition revealed their critically engaged reactions created through varied media in the subject of natural burial practices and death.

Each particpant was awarded on the night and all have been entered for an Explore Arts Award.

Comments from the exhibition include:

  • Great show - Great Project
  • Congratulations on confronting this aspect of life
  • Very evocative and thought provoking
  • Moving, brutal, impressive
  • A great exhibition
  • Special show for so many reasons
  • A bit early for such powerful stuff - hard to face and vital to discuss
  • Inspiring and impressive, great work
  • Really excellent and inspiring work
  • Very impressive and moving, a very positive project to enable obvious talent needing an outlet
  • Wow, how inspiring and brilliant
  • Wonderful exhibition, very moving, Thank you
  • The work is really inspiring and heart felt. I love it, well done
  • Really interesting and inspired ideas and responses on the theme
  • Fantastically personal responses to death
  • Fascinating stuff, really interesting and moving work
  • Inspirational, interesting, very thought provoking, well done.
  • Really thought provoking
  • I was moved to see everyones very personal expression of their experiences
  • The cycle of life and death, so creatively and differently portrayed. An amazing exhibition.
  • Came into Bristol especially to see this exhibition and it was worth it
  • Sounded depressing and wasn't going to come, but was very pleasently suprised
  • Wonderful work! Inspired by the topic and sharing of insights and personal experience visually and with words.
  • Popped in spur of the moment, very impressed, Thought provoking indeed
  • Amazing exploration into a subject that us Brits are conditioned to avoid. Our culture of staying strong, moving on, of 'doing' rather than being in our grief, must change. This exhibition is a step towards that change. Thankyou.
  • What a brilliant and moving exploration of death and dignity. To engage with this is to engage with life. The best art exhibition I have seen in quite some time.....
  • Well done, thought provoking and meaningfull
  • A wonderful group of talent, inspiring work, thanks for organising it
  • Great, really interesting exhibition and good to see death being explored and discussed openly. Wish I had more time here.

Press coverage of the event was significant with radio coverage on:
BCFM, Ujima radio and BBC Bristol.

Opening night and award ceremony