The weekly sessions lasted two hours and included either a practical making task or information sessions delivered by guest speakers.

Project Objectives:

  • Explore the theme natural burial through day trip, picnic and discussion to two sites

  • Collect research through words, drawing and 3D

  • Make an individual creative response based on your thoughts after the site visits

  • Exhibit work at Centrespace Gallery

Week one:

Meeting the team and each other. An introduction to the project and making journals.
Discuss what is a "creative response."

Week two:

Field trip to South Bristol Cemetery and Memorial Woodlands. An introduction to two different burial sites in the Bristol area. Participants were asked to record their ideas and thoughts as they visited the sites. They used their journals to collect research including photos, sketches, found objects, thoughts, feelings and emotions.


The methodology around the sessions was to allow the young participants to form their own ideas. Facilitators did not make suggestions only question them to allow them to clarify what they were doing. Confidence building techniques were used along with paired and group exercises; including activities to develop their creative skills in 2D and 3D, using a range of techniques. No guide on materials for their final piece was given, each participant was given a budget of £20 for materials and told the time frame they were to work in. They were encouraged to develop their own skills and were each supported in a small group session and two 1:1 sessions.

Week Three:

Forming ideas through model making and collage.
Week three was vital in terms of feedback about the burial sites and the forming of creative ideas. Two methods were used during this session; model making and collage techniques. This allowed the particpants to express their ideas as well as allow the facilitators to see how they worked in 2D and 3D. Below is pictures of some of the models from the session in which they were asked to produce a shape that symbolises their thoughts and views about the visit, it could be general or something that significantly stood out for them. Below the pictures is a sound recording of the session.


 Pages shown from the journals.

Week Four:

Ink drawing exercise and Jan's talk.
The first part of the session was an activity which allowed particpants to work in pairs with others that they didnt know as well. In the second part of the session, guest speaker Jan came in to openly talk about the choices made burying her mum at Memorial Woodlands and her thoughts and feelings about natural burial.

Week Five:

Small team work lantern making. This session was made up of creative skills and group work. Showing simple techniques using willow and paper the young people built structures based on symbols and images that they had seen around the two sites.

Week Six;

Small group and 1:1 sessions were delivered between week 4 and 6. This supported participants in claryfying their ideas and enabling them to finish their pieces. Everyone in week six was filmed in their homes completing their work.

Week Seven;

Guest speaker; artist Siena Barnes talks about her work and how it encorporates death. Discussions and questioning followed, engaging participants to think in more detail about their material choices for their final pieces.

2 weeks left to complete pieces for the exhibition...

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